Cutting tools


Having the right cutting tools is a necessity for any carpentry, construction or plumbing project. Given the range of processes and materials involved in these trades, choosing an appropriate cutting tool can be a challenge. You want to know you are getting a quality product that will stand up to years of use.

The best way to make an informed purchase is to work with a trusted supplier and familiarize your self with their main product offerings. Our inventory of cutting tools is extensive and includes:

  • Annular cutters for use with mag or core drills. Available products include Walter SST Core Cut annular cutters and Milwaukee annular cutters.
  • Auger bits including the Bosch Daredevil line of products, which features dual cutting edges and a reinforced tip for maximum life.
  • Band saw blades by Milwaukee and other manufacturers. Milwaukee band saw blades offer accurate cutting and long-term durability.
  • Bellhanger bits for installing computer, security, phone, A/V and other wiring systems. 1/4" x 18" and 3/8" x 18" Milwaukee products are available.
  • Carbide burrs for deburring, weld prepping or chamfering to a smooth finish. Tungsten carbide products by Premium Tool and other manufacturers provide improved durability.
  • Core bits by Milwaukee, Lackmond and other companies. Featuring carbide or diamond teeth, core bits are suitable for aggressive drilling in concrete, stone and other hard materials.
  • Countersinks, also known as center reamers, for drilling sunken holes that leave a screw or rivet flush with the surface. We sell products in a range of sizes and configurations by Drillco, Dimar and more.
  • Cut-out tool bits for making quick cuts around outlet boxes, windows and other fixtures. Available products by Makita and RotoZip are suitable for working with light materials such as plywood, drywall and ceramics.
  • Diamond cup wheels by Makita, Pearl and others. Use diamond cup wheels for aggressive grinding projects requiring quick removal of large amounts of material.
  • Diamond cutters and bits that reduce the risk of damage when working with fragile materials. Choose from a variety of products, including multi-piece Bosch sets.
  • Drill bits in a complete range of sizes and materials in brad, hex, prentice and other styles. Walter drill bits and Milwaukee drill bits are both reliable options trusted by professionals across Canada.
  • End mills for industrial, construction and DIY applications. Drillco products offer multifunction capabilities, allowing you to perform plunge cutting, slotting, drilling or profiling using a single tool.
  • Forstner bits for use with either hand or bench drills. We sell individual Freud Forstner bits and multi-piece Freud Forstner bit sets.
  • Hex shank bits by Bosch and Makita. Use them for concrete and masonry drilling, among other projects.
  • Holesaws and accessories including quick change arbors. Milwaukee holesaws feature the exclusive Rip Guard™ tooth form — the strongest in the industry.
  • Jigsaw blades for use with tools by a range of manufacturers. We sell Milwaukee jigsaw blades as well as high-quality products from Festool, Bosch and others.
  • Masonry bits for rotary drilling into brick, concrete and other materials. Quick change, carbide-tipped hex drill bits are sold individually and in multi-piece kits.
  • Multitool bits compatible with the popular no-touch STARLOCK system used in products by Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee and others.
  • Reamers including Drillco hex bridge products, suitable for use on all electric and pneumatic impact wrenches.
  • Recip blades such as the Milwaukee Sawzall® line of products, which boasts a unique tooth design that cuts through cast iron, stainless steel and other high-strength alloys.
  • Router bits including double flute straight router bits, panel pilot router bits, bearing flush trim router bits, bevel trim router bits, V-Groove router bits and more. Browse our extensive selection of Freud router bits, Chamfer router bits and other products.
  • SDS bits for use specifically with SDS-PLUS and SDS-MAX hammer drills. We sell multiple products for drilling, chiseling, coring and other tasks.
  • Saw blades including Milwaukee jig saw blades and Milwaukee band saw blades, which are designed to maximize tool performance when working with different materials.
  • Self-feed bits by Milwaukee and DeWalt. Use them when installing pipe or conduit, or any other task requiring fast boring and large, clean holes.
  • Spade bits in 6” and 16” lengths and multiple sizes. We offer economical Milwaukee spade bits, convenient Makita kits and other products.
  • Step bits including Milwaukee products with a jam-free, dual flue design for convenience.
  • Taps and dies such as bottoming taps, pipe taps, hex dies, tap wrenches and more.

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