Hands tools



  • Bolt: We stock bolt cutters from respected companies like Milwaukee, Jet and Ridgid.
  • Cable/wire: Cable and wire cutters from Dynaline and Greenlee in a variety of sizes, including mini cable cutters.
  • Circle: Our standard and drywall options make more projects possible.
  • Pipe: Our stock includes several Rigid pipe cutters as well as a few from Reed.
  • Plastic: We have two Ridgid plastic cutters available with unique sizes and cutting capabilities.
  • Rod: At different sizes and price points, we have a rod cutter and rod cutter die option for everyone.
  • Tube: We stock a variety of Ridgid tube cutters and replacement parts, including replacement blades for the RC-2375. Our stock also includes tube cutters from Milwaukee and Greenlee.


  • Ridgid precision ratcheting flare tool.
  • Ridgid precision non-ratcheting flare tool
  • Ridgid 45 degree SAE manual flare tool


  • Bent nose pliers with 11", 8" and 6-1/2" options.
  • Diagonal pliers from respected companies like Klein, Jet and more.
  • End cutter pliers such as our 7" nipping pliers from Milwaukee and high leverage 8-1/4" end-cutting pliers from Pronto.
  • Linesman pliers from several suppliers, with 14 options of size and functionality.
  • Locking pliers from respected manufacturers like Irwin and Milwaukee, with varied types of jaws and grips.
  • Long nose pliers for tasks in tight or hard to reach spaces. We offer options from Jet, Signet and more.
  • MIG pliers for welding from Techniweld. We carry mig helper pliers which offer fully insulated handles and six tool functions.
  • Tongue and groove pliers also go by the name water pump pliers. We carry Ridgid tongue and groove pliers, along with several other options.
  • Sets of pliers, with as many as three to five pliers each, for the jobs that require a diverse tool kit.
  • And many more!


In addition to those mentioned above, we also carry a number of other hand tools including cutting tools, hammers, caulking guns, grease guns, knives, knockout, screwdrivers, level, measuring tape crow bar, nail puller, mechanic tools and more. Use our filter options or convenient search bar to find the specific hand tool you're looking for. Need help? Our team is always happy to provide assistance finding or selecting the right tool for the job.


No matter what hand tool you need for your next project, you can benefit from our same-day shipping on most products and our 30-day no-hassle return policy allows you to shop with confidence.
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